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Retail and services were already heading online at a startling rate even before 2020. Now, it’s unusual to find any ambitious business that doesn’t have an eCommerce operation. That might mean selling directly to the public; trading via third-party retail platforms, such as Amazon, Ebay or Shopify; publishing eBooks or apps; or, increasingly, offering virtual coaching, training or entertainment.

If you’ve found yourself battling the bureaucracy of international tax – and especially EU VAT post-Brexit – we can give smart, up-to-date advice to relieve the pressure. We’re also experts in software integration and can help you find and implement the right add-ons to automate sales, invoicing and stock control through Xero or QuickBooks.

Perhaps you just want support with the everyday, every year routine of bookkeeping, accounts and tax returns. Many eCommerce businesses use innovative or non-traditional operating structures and business models.

We’ll make sure your financial records are compliant and that your tax returns take advantage of any reliefs and allowances to which you might be entitled. For example, if you run your online retail business from home, you should be calculating and claiming a portion of your utility costs as a business expense.

The beauty of eCommerce is that, as a new and evolving sector, opportunities emerge all the time. Our approach to business advice and strategic tax planning always takes into account where you might be in a year, two years, or more.

Our eCommerce accounting service includes…

  • Advice on VAT for digital products and services
  • Post-Brexit EU VAT advice
  • Integration of cloud accounting and online retail platforms
  • Business planning, forecasting and budgeting
  • Bookkeeping, accounts and tax returns
See how we can help you and your business

What our clients say

Discover more about how we’ve helped Midlands-based businesses like yours achieve their goals and overcome obstacles in their path with our collection of testimonials. We hope you’ll see yourself reflected in these stories. You’ll also get a sense of the work we do quietly, in the background, to reduce the burden and lift up those who’ve chosen Thames Williams as their accountancy and business advice partner.
Running a small family business during the pandemic can be tough to say the least. Kunal at Thames Williams has really supported us through this turbulent time, giving us the right advice, the right resources, at the right time and the right price. Not only keeping our heads above water, but to grow gradually.

Every great business starts with great support. I recommend Thames Williams.
David Kam
Coffee Tales